**8-Week Early Morning Session Starts Wednesday, May 31, 2017**

This is the running camp for women you've been hearing about!

WELCOME TO EZ8 RUNNING! EZ8 runners learn to run an eight-minute mile with ease. Can you run an 8-minute mile now? (If not easily...you should and need to join us!) 

Each run is a little different. We do hill training, tempo runs, fartleks, stair drills, running games, and so much more! EZ8 is FUN! All ages, shapes, fitness levels and abilities are in EZ8. This is a very motivational running group! We are heavy on camaraderie and light on competition.


EZ8 Sessions are FOR ALL LEVELS

Classes meet on Capitol Hill and the National Mall

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The EZ8 Running Camp is an outdoor running program that offers world-class running instruction & motivational tools. EZ8 is packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness and running goals fast. No matter your age, size or fitness level, you can achieve great results. Whether you are a beginner runner, or an avid runner looking for a running group, EZ8 is perfect for you.

All ages, levels and sizes are welcome to join us!

Running is one of the best aerobic exercises for physical conditioning of your heart and lungs. Studies have shown the health benefits to be enormous. Your stamina will increase and you'll lose weight -- many beginners lose a pound a week.

Register to become an EZ8 Runner now!  Be sure to get in on the next session!

Find out more details on the program page or email now!

**8-Week Early Morning Session**

 MWF from 5:45AM - 6:45AM 
24 Class Package: $220
  16 Class Package: $160
  8 Class Package: $90
Starts Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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