**8-Week Early Morning Session Starts Wednesday, May 31, 2017**

About Us

What is EZ8 Running?

What is now EZ8 Running first began as a little 8-week running program for a group of women who wanted a little additional exercise, one year during the holiday months between Thanksgiving and the New Year. It was designed for women who ran an average of a ten-minute mile and had the desire to run an eight-minute mile; hence the name, "easy eight". The EZ8 Running Program was such a success that the women requested it continue.

Christina Lucy developed this program in 2002 and recently turned it into a certification program through NESTA (National Excercise and Sports Trainers Association). The EZ8 program teaches technique, form and effective breathing. So, not only are you running faster and further, you are running better and more efficiently.

Kathy Pugh
EZ8 Running Coach

Kathy lives and runs in Washington, DC. Her passion for running developed after giving birth to her daughter Ava. Looking for a way to lose the baby weight and keep her sanity, she decided to train for the Marine Corps Marathon with little Ava in tow.  Since then she has run numerous 5K, 10K, 10 milers, half-marathons, and the Las Vegas, New York City, National, Steamtown, Death Valley, Chicago, and Boston Marathons, much to the amazement of her husband Drew who likes to remind her that she doesn't like to sweat! 

Kathy is an RRCA and NESTA certified running coach as well as a lululemon athletica run ambassador and a Newton run ambassador. She is also a certified IIN holistic health coach.

Her formal education includes a BA in English from Binghamton University and an MBA from The University of Nevada Las Vegas.  She looks forward to using her knowledge and love of running to help women reach their personal best. 








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