**8-Week Early Morning Session Starts Wednesday, May 31, 2017**

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I'm not a very fast runner?

A. You are welcome to join us. This running program is geared towards women of all fitness abilities and speeds. We will coach you and teach you to become a faster and more effiecient runner.

Q. I enjoy running, but I'm not very good. I'm a little nervous about always being the last runner. Will I be holding the group back?

A. No, you won't hold anyone back. The way the program is designed, you won't ever feel like you are the last runner. Everyone is very encouraging. More than anything, you will feel empowered and become a great runner before long.

Q. What does EZ8 stand for?

A. EZ8 (Easy Eight) gained its name because our goal is for you to run an eight-minute mile with ease.

Q. What happens if half way through the running session I become injured, will I get a refund?

A. First of all, we will take every precaution that you will not become injured. However, in the unlikely event you do become injured you will receive a credit for the missed days toward a future running camp.

Q. I have been told that I run like a duck, can you fix that?

A. Everyone has their own unique running style. The way you run is often due to your biomechanics. Sometimes it is because you just haven't learned proper body alignment and technique. We will assess your running style and help you incorporate modifications as needed.

Q. Where do you run?

A. We run on the spectacular National Mall utilizing the steps of the National Gallery, the Hill alongside the Capitol complex, and the rectangular patch of the Mall between 4th and 7th street. You will receive an e-mail every Friday with a summary of the workouts and locations for the week.

Q. I can't breathe when I run, so I can't run very far. What is the furthest you run?

A. Often times people run too fast, so they go anaerobic immediatley.
(They feel out of breath.) Another reason you may have challenges while breathing is you are breathing from your chest. Breathing this way creates "shallow breathing." We will teach you techniques so you can breathe more easily while you run. Every week our distance will vary. You will build on your distance. The farthest you will run is 5-6 miles. That is the FARTHEST...and you may only go 4...that is OK in EZ8!
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