**8-Week Early Morning Session Starts Wednesday, May 31, 2017**



"I'm a runner. Eight weeks ago I couldn't say that, but through Kathy's extremely well-structured EZ8 course, I find myself running for fun on the weekends and have two races planned in the next few weeks. Kathy combines sprint, hill and obstacle training to form a program which is challenging and rewarding. She also has the great ability of tailoring training days to accommodate various skill levels within the group. I've lost weight, am in better shape and feel stronger. I highly recommend Kathy's EZ8 program."
- Sara

"Thanks, I enjoyed the program or I wouldn't have kept getting up at 5:30 in the morning! I learned a bunch of new techniques, but more importantly, appreciated the encouragement and camaraderie."
- Monica

"I'm so excited I ran a sub 8 mile! I am totally going to post it on my Facebook status."
- Sandy

“I can't thank you enough for offering this great opportunity to our community and giving women a chance to meet each other and do something good for themselves at the same time! I have really enjoyed your class and look forward to the winter session!”
- Natalie

"I just wanted to thank you -- I didn't think I could shave that much time off and I did, thanks to you! Count me in for the September/October session."
- Alex

"Kathy - your class has been super and given me the motivation to continue on. Thanks for your encouragement and time in planning each class. It was great."
- Sarah

"Thanks for your flexibility in letting me do 2x/week this month. Even with just 8 classes, I was really pleased with the results of going from 8.51 to 8.09 this morning. Plus, now I've got a lot of techniques. I've been singing your praises in my circles about the friendly and supportive atmosphere of EZ8 and how it's a great workout at the same time."
- Jennifer

"Thank you so much Kathy! Who would have thought all those years ago when my elementary school gym teacher yelled at me for "running like a girl" that I'd be doing this!"
- Jennifer D

From members of the DC Tri Club

"I just finished the 8-week program and learned a lot about run training, drills and form. For someone whose run resembles that of a waddling duck, this was a great way to jump-start my training this season. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for that extra spring in their step (no, I'm not affiliated and don't get a kick-back!)."
- Kate

"This is a great program! Enrolled in the last session with absolutely no running experience, and now I can say I’m a runner (slow, but improving on the time and form fronts). That improvement was key to deciding to enroll in NTP this year. I too definitely recommend EZ8 and Kathy. I’m not affiliated or compensated either."
- Aimee




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